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The Dermalight 80

is the world's premier hand-held UVB Narrowband Phototherapy wand.
One of the surprises with this product is its international flavor.

Phototherapy Ever heard of the incredible healing power of light? Well this is no miracle at all!

According to recent surveys in 2017, there are about125 million people struggling to live with Psoriasis and over 100 million people struggling to live with Vitiligo all around the world. Both Psoriasis and Vitiligo can affect the sufferers on many levels, and thus causing an impact on their dailylife. Although being uncurable, these skin conditions can be treated and controlled so as to facilitate and help the patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And this can be done without causing any harm or side effect to the patient.
Did you know? Since the ancient times, sun was worshipped as a major source of life and was believed to possess numerous healing powers emanating from its rays. Today, this old belief This old belief has proven to be correct and as a result, researchers have designed and developed special devices that can discharge the equivalentamount of benefitting light rays as the sun. Therefore, after numerous researches, an effective and reliable method of treatment was devised, that is, the Phototherapy.

  • What is Phototherapy?

    Phototherapy or light therapy is a very specific therapy that makes use of special types of light rays that are emanated from specially designed and tested units, so as to treat various skin conditions, such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo, eczema or other conditions. These types of light rays consist of Ultraviolet (UV) light rays that are emitted in a precise wavelength. This in turn help to treat the affected skin cells and cause them to work and regenerate at a normal pace. During this phototherapy treatment, the UV light rays are normally emitted from a phototherapy device.

    Types of Phototherapy
    Phototherapy consists of either UV-A (340-400 nm) radiation source commonly known as the PUVA Therapy, or the UV-B Broadband (280-365 nm) or the UV-B Narrowband (3111 nm) radiation source during the treatment.

    The narrowband UV-B light (311nm)
    • The narrowband UV-B light (311nm) therapy is considered as one of the most common and preferred type of treatment as it is more effective with quick results, simpler and harmless. Also, it has been proven that the narrowband UV-B light therapy is one with the best and greatest medical success rate of about 80% among patients who suffer from various skin conditions, especially in the case of Psoriasis and Vitiligo.

    The broadband UV-B light (280-365nm)
    • The broadband UV-B light (280-365nm) therapy on the other hand is more suitable in the treatment of other skin conditions such as the deficiency of Vitamin D in the skin. However, in the broadband UV-B light treatment, the patient is exposed to a greater amount of the UV-light, which may be harmful in some cases. It is hence the least preferred phototherapy treatment among patients and professionals.

    The UV-A light (340-400nm)
    • The UV-A light (340-400nm) therapy is a phototherapy treatment that cannot be done alone. It has to be accompanied by the treatment of systemic medications as well. This is mostly done in cases where the patient cannot find any solution merely with the phototherapy treatment. The drug Psoralen is commonly associated with the UV-A phototherapy treatment, and thus known as the PUVA treatment. However, this is not much recommended by researchers as this type of treatment may lead to several side effects in the patients.

    All these sources of radiation vary depending on the different type of phototherapy device. These Phototherapytreatment units consist of various sizes and range from lightweight handheld devices for small areas of treatment to more heavy and professional ones for larger body areas or full body treatment.

  • Why phototherapy?

    So, why choose phototherapy over your other modes of treatment? The answer is simple and clear.
    Phototherapy has been scientifically proven to be one of the safest, most efficient, painless and most convenient treatment for several skin conditions, including the Psoriasis and Vitiligo. You can hence ensure that you are offering your patient a totally safe and medically certified treatment for a better lifestyle, without causing any side effects.
    According to recent researches, phototherapy is considered as a significant and effective mode of treatment that is gaining awareness day by day, especially in the dermatology sector which deals with several skin conditions. The phototherapy treatment is also no more limited to treating Psoriasis, Vitiligo or Eczema, but has been proven to be efficient in the treatment of other skin conditions as well. Therefore, the phototherapy is considered as a vital instrument with an ever-rising importance and awareness in the dermatology sector as well as among the patients. With a type of treatment that can offer you to treat a wide range of skin conditions with no side effects at all? Well isn’t this the best type of treatment that you can offer to your patients!!! In addition, Phototherapy is a type of treatment that can be used on its own or along with other treatments as well, which may include health supplements, healthy living diets, healthy exercises, or other topical products such as sunscreens, in order to see better and more effective results in the patients. Phototherapy are not only effective and successful products but are also very cost-effective and safe in the long run, as compared to other treatments such as systemic medications. Also, some patients may be allergic or tend to see side effects with other treatments and thus, phototherapy can be very helpful in such cases. The only difference with phototherapy is that the patients may experience some occasionally mild skin sensitiveness, but this is only because the skin has been exposed to the light rays, which is normal. Hence, patients should always be recommended to protect and take care of their skin well, especially right after the treatment session. This can be done by using sunscreens, covering the skin surface with suitable clothing and avoiding direct sunlight.
    Normally, the phototherapy treatment sessions last very little and are seen to be effective as from the very first week of the treatment, conditional to the severity of the skin condition. The time and dosage of the home prescribing units can be advised to the patients after the consultation of their skin condition. Phototherapy is one exceptional treatment that has been found to be safe for children, elders and even pregnant women.
    So, take a step to provide your patients the perfect therapy that will always keep them happy and satisfied.

  • The reality of Biological drugs

    Biologic drugs, or "biologics," are given by injection (shot) or intravenous (IV) infusion (that is, a slow drip of medicine into your vein). A biologic is a protein-based drug derived from living cells cultured in a laboratory. While biologics have been used to treat disease for more than 100 years, modern-day techniques have made biologics much more widely available as treatments in the last decade.
    Biologics are different from traditional systemic drugs that impact the entire immune system. Biologics, instead, target specific parts of the immune system. The biologics are usually taken by injection or by IV infusion. For example, Cimzia, Cosentyx, Enbrel, Humira, Simponi and Taltz are injected in the legs, abdomen or arms, typically by the individual with psoriatic disease or a family member. Biologics are prescribed for individuals with moderate to severe cases of plaque psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, or in the case of other skin conditions. They are a practical option for those who have not responded to or have experienced any kind of harmful side effects from such treatments. Studies show that TNF-alpha blockers help reduce the progression of joint damage in psoriatic arthritis.
    However, biologics can increase the risk of infection. Individuals normally develop signs of an infection such as a fever, cough or flu-like symptoms or have any cuts or open sores. Below are some of the side effects of Biological drugs:
    • Respiratory infections
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • Injection site reactions
    • Phototherapy for winter depression (SAD)
    • Respiratory infections (rare)
    • Flu-like symptoms (rare)
    • Injection site reactions (rare)
    It is therefore absolutely recommended for patients not to take any type of biological drugs without the consultation of a professional or in cases of compromised immune system or presently active infections.

  • Difference between Phototherapy treatment and Biological drugs

    Despite the rapid growth and emergence of biological drugs in the dermatological sector, it is very important carefully analyse the drawbacks and alarming side effects of such treatment. In some cases, deaths have also been linked to the use of biological drugs. On the other hand, phototherapy treatment has proven to be more effective and safe, with no side effects and thus, definitely being a better option for individuals requiring treatment for skin conditions. In cases where results are not seen even after using the phototherapy treatment alone, it is recommended to adopt better and healthy lifestyle and natural and organic health supplements that can help in the process.

  • Uses of phototherapy

    Phototherapy has been found to be very effective in the treatment of numerous skin conditions, as well as treatment of other conditions such as:
    • Phototherapy for Treatment of Psoriasis and Vitiligo with remarkable success rates.
    • Phototherapy for treatment of other skin conditions such as acne, neurodermatitis, various eczemas, and even compensate for vitamin D deficiency.
    • Phototherapy for Hyperbilirubinemia
    • Phototherapy for winter depression (SAD)
    • Phototherapy for jetlag syndrome
    • Phototherapy for shift works syndrome
    • Phototherapy for skin pre-cancer stages or superficial types of skin cancer
    • Phototherapy for prevention or rehabilitation

  • Phototherapy for Psoriasis treatment

    The UV-B light phototherapy is one of the earliest and most competent treatment for skin conditions such as Psoriasis, owing to the easy and quick infiltration of the UV-B light rays into the skin, causing the skin cells to behave and regenerate at a normal pace. It is hence very effective in slowing down the growth rate of such abnormal skin cells.
    The UV-B phototherapy treatment involves the affected skin area to be exposed to an artificial UV-B light source (from the phototherapy products), for a regulated amount of time and dosage. This can be determined after much analysis of the skin condition of the patient. In some cases, the patient may find his skin condition to deteriorate at the start of the treatment, which is normal. This is mainly because the patient’s skin needs to adapt to the treatment before starting to see positive results with time. Therefore, it is also very important to determine the exact and required amount of time and dosage as per different patient, in order to prevent any over exposure to the artificial UV-B light rays.
    The UV-B phototherapy treatment consists of either the UV-B narrowband (TL/01) or the UV-B broadband (TL/12). In this case, the UV-B narrowband (TL/01) is much easier, smaller and more appropriate for usage, as it eradicates the danger of overdose or any side effects in comparison to the broadband. Nevertheless, both UV-B light therapy have been medically tested and are in practice all over the world.

    PUVA Therapy
    The PUVA therapyconsists of a mixture of systemic treatment along with UV-A light therapy so as to treat skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo, acne, amongst others. This therapy aids to bring results that cannot be seen in merely using systemic medications of light therapy alone.
    However, both these methods have been found to be very competent given the right time and dosage of the treatment are maintained.

  • Phototherapy for Vitiligo treatment

    Light therapy is very helpfulspecially in the treatment of Vitiligo since it can aid in the re-pigmentation of the affected skin.Regardless of this treatment being quite a slow process till effective and visible results, it successfully starts with the re-pigmentation of the outer edges of the affected zone to slowly treat the whole area. In the case of Vitiligo, phototherapy has proven to be safe and medically certified for adults and children alike for over 10 years now. It is in fact thought of being safer as compared to the PUVA therapy which include systemic medications. For patients suffering from Vitiligo, Phototherapy can help in the improvement of the appearance of the skin by restoring its normal complexion.

  • Phototherapy for the treatment of other skin conditions

    Phototherapy is an effective type of treatment that is not limited to Psoriasis or Vitiligo. In fact. The list of skin conditions which can today be treated with phototherapy is on a constant rise. Such skin conditions include other photo responsive skin conditions such as Parapsoriasis, Pityriasis Lichenoides, Pityriasis Rosea, various types of Eczema, Polymorphous light eruption, Furunculosis, Folliculitis, indolent Ulcers, Prurigo and Pruritis, Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma (Sézary syndrome), Mycosis Fungoides, Lichen Planus amongst others.
    Normally, most of these skin conditions have found to attain greater success rates with the UV-B narrowband and broadband as with the PUVA therapy and is hence, becoming very eminent and desired among people suffering from skin disorders.

  • Benefits of Phototherapy products for your patients

    • Cost effective treatment
    • Safe and medically tested treatment
    • Pain free and easy treatment
    • No side effects involved
    • Convenient for children, elders and pregnant women alike
    • Normally, quick results as compared to other treatments
    • Can also carry out treatment at home with the home prescribing units
    • Guaranteed end results

  • Benefits of Phototherapy products for you

    • Medically tested and in compliance with all international standards
    • Very successful products with proven success rates
    • Safe with no side effects after the treatment
    • Easy to use and manage
    • Most preferred mode of treatment among patients according to recent surveys
    • Can be used for a variety of skin conditions, including Psoriasis and Vitiligo.
    • Very professional products that can add value to your clinic or hospital
    • Guaranteed end results

  • So why us?

    Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with highly reputed manufacturers in the Psoriasis and Vitiligo industry giving us the confidence with the products we bring to our customers. We always strive to bring you the best products to treat the skin conditions. We are often said time heals and we can affirmatively say that with the use of the products proposed, noticeable differences are seen. We all know that Psoriasis and Vitiligo cannot be cured but they can be managed to live happily. Our constant lookout for new products and research in the sector while working with Healthcare professionals, have allowed us to showcase that science is making progress, giving the trust we, all need to live with those conditions.
    Part of our ethos, is to always pamper our customers- which is why we create an enchanting customer experience by ensuring fast delivery, reliability, continual customer contact and the best product experience. We also believe in loving what we do and as a result, we work hard to make it happen.

  • UV Phototherapy and You

    According to recent surveys conducted by the National Psoriasis Foundation in cooperation with the American Academy of Dermatology, phototherapy has been found to be the most favoured and liked choice of treatment in the case of skin conditions, especially Psoriasis and Vitiligo.
    So, why not take advantage of such a wanted and effective mode of treatment and stand out in your treatments! Phototherapy can also be prescribed to your patients through the small hand-held home prescribing units, whereby the person can comfortably carry on with his treatment even at home and at his own convenience. These special home units is very time effective, and can easily fit in your patients’ daily routine and schedule. Follow ups can thus be done in between these treatment sessions so as to keep track of the progress and to ensure that the treatment is being done correctly.

  • Do’s and Don’ts’s during phototherapy treatment

    • The phototherapy treatment may be quite a costly treatment depending on the severity of the skin condition. Therefore, advise your patient well before starting the treatment.
    • Ensure that the patient maintains a regular treatment and devote enough time in order to see effective results.
    • Always advise the patients to moisturise their skin thoroughly and regularly and especially right after the phototherapy session.
    • Always ensure that your patients wear protective goggles and cover their face or any other unaffected areas during the phototherapy treatment.
    • The patients should be recommended to always use a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun and wear protective clothing.
    • Ensure to have a regular check-up and progress follow up with your patient.

    • Not recommended to use sunscreen or hydrating lotions right before the treatment.
    • Some medications, such as antibiotics may increase the risks of a bad burn. Therefore, not advisable to prescribe medications along with phototherapy, unless tested.
    • Phototherapy is not an immediate treatment. Therefore, ensure to do 15-25 treatment sessions before seeing results.
    • Do not cover up the lightbox during the treatment with the misconception to avoid direct light on your patient’s skin. The light source should reflect directly onto the skin so as to ensure an effective treatment. Areas such as the eyes and genitals are advised to be covered during the treatment though.
    • Phototherapy is not a tanning bed. A tanning bed makes use of several light sources and wavelengths, whereas the phototherapy treatment consists of only UV-B and UV-A light rays.

  • Home phototherapy products

    • Dermalight 80 UV-B
    • Dermalight 200 UV-B
    • Saalux UV-B Comb
    • Dermalight 80 Tester
    • Dermalight 500 Home

  • Professional phototherapy products

    • Dermalight 80 UV-A Woodlight
    • Dermalight 500 PRO
    • Dermalight 1000 (12 lams)
    • Dermalight 3000
    • Dermalight 80 Tester
    • Dermalight 1000 (8 lamps)
    • Dermalight 2000 (2x8 lamps or 2x12 lamps)

  • Other Helpful Products

    • M-Folia Psoriasis Natural Shampoo
    • M-Folia Psoriasis Natural Ointment
    • M-Folia Psoriasis Natural Scalp oil
    • M-Folia Psoriasis Conditioner
    • M-Folia Psoriasis Nourishing cream
    • Saalux Dandruff treatment solution

  • Other Health Supplements Products

    • KIKI Health Organic Spirulina Tablets (200 tablets)
    • KIKI Health Organic Chlorella Powder (200 g)
    • KIKI Health Organic Acerola Powder (100 g)
    • KIKI Health GOJI BERRY POWDER, Organic – 70g
    • KIKI Health BAOBAB POWDER, Organic – 100 g
    • KIKI Health Premium MSM Powder (200g)
    • KIKI Health Organic Premium Wheatgrass Powder (100g)
    • KIKI Health Organic Hemp Protein Powder (235g)
    • KIKI Health Body Biotics-120 Vegicaps
    • KIKI Health Body Biotics for Children- 30 Wild Berry Tablets
    • KIKI Health Organic Nature's Living Superfood (300g)
    • KIKI Health Organic Chlorella Tablets (200 tablets)
    • KIKI Health Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder (30 g)
    • KIKI Health KRILL OIL – 30 Licaps
    • KIKI Health Organic Camu Camu Powder - 70g by KIKI Health
    • Kiki Health Organic Acai Powder - 50g by Kiki Health
    • KIKI Health Organic Premium Spirulina Powder (200g)
    • KIKI Health Organic Coconut oil (500ml)
    • KIKI Health Organic Psyllium Husk Powder (275g)
    • KIKI Health Body Biotics-30 Vegicaps
    • KIKI Health Body Biotics- 60 Vegicaps
    • KIKI Health Organic Nature’s Living Superfood (150g)

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